About OroCoin

OroCoin Specs:

• Coin Algorithm Script: Scrypt (POW)
• Coin Abbreviation : ORO
• Maximum Coin Supply : 23,529,412
• Block halving : 250000 blocks
• Coin base maturity : 20 blocks
• PoW block reward : 40 ORO
• Coinbase maturity : 20 blocks
• Target spacing : 5 minutes
• Target timespan : 10 minutes
• Transaction confirmations : 5 blocks
• RPC port : 10232
• P2P port : 10231

Our current progress on the next three project goals:

Wallet & Desktop Client
Mining Pool Launch
Outreach & Marketing
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Introducing Team ORO

Introducing Team Oro, powered by FXCC! The team that brought you OroCoin is launching our latest OroCoin marketing strategy… Introducing TeamORO! TeamORO is our new campaign to ensure the continued success of the OroCoin project, generate new and continuously growing interest in OroCoin, and increase the value of ORO exponentially over time. We are looking for new marketing team members worldwide to […]

OroCoin Roadmap

We  have released the official OroCoin roadmap for the first half of 2017. We have laid out our plans for the ICO and coin distribution plan through the Bitcoin deposit system. Our initial phases of marketing, our plans for the web wallet, desktop client, mining pool, and our business development and exchange outreach.   Click here to view the roadmap.

Introducing OroCoin

In anticipation of our upcoming ICO, beginning January 1st, 2017, we have officially launched the OroCoin.co website, where you can find info all about OroCoin, our ICO, and much more!

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